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Jack Cohen started Tesco in 1919 from a small grocery stall in the East End of London. The Tesco brand name came from the amalgamation of the first three letters of the stall’s tea supplier T. E. Stockwell with the first two letters of the founder’s surname Cohen. Today Tesco is the world’s fourth largest retailer with profits of over £2billion. Its 2008 figures show it had over a £47 billion turnover, with over 440,000 employees. Impressive figures by anybody’s standards.

Other retailers complain that Tesco is taking over the world, but there are few grumbles from its shareholders or loyal shoppers! They are obviously doing something right.

Tesco has 2115 UK stores, and is currently number one in the UK’s supermarket league table.

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The advantages for Tesco shoppers:

  1. Tesco stores give loyalty points for using your own bags.
  2. Some Tesco stores give loyalty points when you recycle bottles. To find your nearest store that recycles bottles: click here
  3. Tesco’s customer service desk provide in-store nutrition and dietary advice.
  4. provide an online nutrition advice service: click here.
  5. Tesco’s prices may change daily to keep them in line with their competitors.
  6. Tesco’s Own Branded products display easy to read nutritional and allergen labels.
  7. Tesco accepts: cash, debit cards, credit cards and gift cards.
  8. The majority of stores don’t charge for trolleys.
  9. They have ever growing range of Organic and Fairtrade products.
  10. They have an ever expanding range of Free From products.
  11. Tesco’s customer helpline: 0800 505 555 is quick and very helpful.
  12. They have online shopping at

Disadvantages for Tesco shoppers:

  1. Online shoppers pay their delivery day’s store price – this could be more or less than the website price.
  2. Prices can alter daily and vary from store to store (prices on this site are the guideline ones that are on

For your nearest Tesco store, opening times and if it recycles bottles: click here.

Head Office Address:
Tesco Stores Ltd
Tesco House
Delamare Road

Customer Service Line:
0800 505 555



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