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In 1948 Aldi opened its first store in the German town of Essen and now has over 7500 stores worldwide including 339 in the UK. That’s considerable growth by anybody’s standards. From a business and shoppers’ point of view they must be doing something right!

In the UK, where they have been since 1990, they are known as one of the No-Frills supermarkets (Lidl is the other one) that sell food, drink and non-food products at rock bottom prices but offer no extras. For instance, no free carrier bags are provided. There is no help to pack your shopping. No credit cards or cheques are accepted and there is no customer service counter. Their success is based entirely on value for money.

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The advantages for Aldi shoppers:

  1. Unlike most British supermarkets, their range of products and prices is the same from store to store.
  2. The quality to price ratio is very high.
  3. If you have a shopping problem the store manager is available to help.
  4. Aldi now accepts: Most debit cards.  
  5. The charge for carrier bags encourages shoppers to reuse their own and thus to help the environment.

Disadvantages for Aldi shoppers:

  1. You have to pay for the normally free carrier bags. They range from 3p for a plastic carrier bag to 99p for a canvas shopper bag.
  2. There is no customer service counter.
  3. Shoppers have to pack their own shopping.
  4. Some stores don't have shopping baskets.
  5. No online shopping at 

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Head Office Address:
Aldi Stores
Holly Lane
CV9 2S

Customer Service Line:
0844 406 8800




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